stun the earth

I'm 22 years old. Humbly learning more about myself and the world around me on a daily basis. I consist of the sun, iced tea, coffee, culture, God, glass, leather, stone, simplicity, nature, bare feet, wild manes, and art. But all these things- and more- do not define me. Nothing defines me. You're not meant to figure me out. Just enjoy my company. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hit counter
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Things you can Google and make awesome things happen:
  • "askew"
  • "tilt"
  • "Zerg Rush"
  • "let it snow" (during the holidays I think)
  • "do a barrel roll" (I don’t know if this still works)
  • "Google Gravity" and then press "I’m feeling lucky" 

Am I missing any?

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